Oracle and SAP Support That’s Actually Supportive

We built our company around a simple concept

Support should be supportive.

Support should be personalized

It should be responsive, connected, and aligned. Support should elevate your experience with SAP and Oracle’s powerful solutions. Because—with great support—these tools can drive your business forward faster.

Support should never be frustrating, dispassionate, or one size fits all

It should never direct you to links, notes, and documents found on a self-service portal—when it’s best to speak to a real expert. Don’t let software vendors use support as a tool to lock you into one direction.

That’s why we view ourselves as a critical extension of your team—on the hook when you need us and at the ready even when you think you don’t. We aren’t nameless faces in a call center, but rather your advocates, your partners, your troubleshooters, and your counselors.

Because your wins are our wins

Like the first time we clean out your ticket queue and get you to zero backlog. Or the average 8-minute response to a high priority ticket from an expert. We find joy in the relationship you build with support engineers who know your account intimately. And when we help unlock value—resulting in more time, more resources, or more opportunities to grow your business—it’s the biggest win of all.

It’s support reimagined. Because support should actually be supportive.

We’re Spinnaker Support.

About Us Graphic
About Us Graphic

The Spinnaker Support Difference

We specialize in providing supportive support that is personalized, responsive, comprehensive, and flexible. Our reimagined support model all but obsoletes the out-of-date support models of SAP and Oracle:

  • Instead of a portal-centric self-support model, where you search for fixes, you simply issue us a ticket. In minutes, a senior engineering expert will respond and begin to diagnose and resolve your issue – even if it originated in custom code or an integration.
  • Support services that had been stripped away will reappear or be enhanced. Our Global Tax and Regulatory Compliance (GTRC) team alleviates the challenges of ever-changing tax, legal, and regulatory requirements by personalizing the tax and regulatory process for each client to deliver timely, accurate updates. Our next-generation security and vulnerability protection solution out-delivers the big ERP vendors, augmenting or obsoleting their one-size-fits-all, often late, and intrusive security patches. We even provide license compliance assurance and audit defense support.
  • Based on your unique requirements, we will carefully craft your team of Spinnaker Support engineers. You’ll know their names and they’ll know yours—as well as your application landscape, geographic footprint, business and IT objectives, ticket history, internal staffing capabilities, and services partner network. And they’ll start familiarizing themselves with everything before you even come on board.
  • Our clients save an average of 62% on support fees, compared to Oracle and SAP. They also gain precious time from liberated staff resources to focus on accelerating innovation and driving strategic business initiatives. Our experts also provide unbiased technology roadmap recommendations – we won’t force unnecessary upgrades and never use support as a tool to lock you into narrow paths. Instead, we unlock value opportunities and give you the flexibility of choice.

Versus Other Third-Party Support Providers

Spinnaker Support differs from other third-party support providers in meaningful ways. Our core support services are similar, but our business philosophies and culture are divergent. These differences affect how we engage, consult, and operate. How we operate has a direct impact on the value proposition we consistently deliver.

  • Spinnaker Support delivers support the right way. We respect the intellectual property rights of our customers and their software providers. We have adopted and implemented a stringent intellectual property policy to ensure that we do not violate the rights of others. We have never taken shortcuts that compromise the legal standing of the customer or ourselves. You can be confident that our service delivery practices will not expose your company to litigation risks, nor will Spinnaker Support be distracted from delivering on our service commitment to you.
  • Spinnaker Support is built to last. As a privately held company, Spinnaker Support is free to invest in its customers without the worry of shareholder returns. Our financial strength and long-term vision dictate ongoing investment in expert support resources, world class infrastructure, and new markets and services that benefit our customers. We continue to grow the top line faster, remain profitable, and build strong working capital and cash reserves. When legal, financial, and operational risk profiles are important considerations, Spinnaker Support is the undisputed smart and safe third-party support choice.
  • Spinnaker Support is regarded as the most flexible and lowest price point third-party support provider. Because we align software support fees with actual license use, we save our customers the most money. You shouldn’t have to pay support fees for licenses you aren’t using. We believe contract terms should be flexible and adapt to your changing business landscape. Changes in license usage resulting from divestures, reductions in force, or software component retirement should be accommodated; you should not be locked into an inflexible agreement.
  • Although software support remains our core offering, we also provide SAP and Oracle managed services and consulting services. Nearly one-third of our customers have leveraged two or more of these three services to optimize cost, reduce complexity, and drive ownership and accountability.

Key Support Features

Here’s what you’ll get with our third-party support offering:

  • Break fix, tax and regulatory updates, general inquiry support, and technology advisory services
  • 24 x 7 x 365, follow the sun support coverage from experts located in nine operations centers
  • Assigned team of engineers, crafted to match each customer’s unique business circumstances
  • Average eight-minute response to issues, from highly experienced engineers who want to own your issues
  • Full support for standard code, custom code, and integrations
  • Full stack security and vulnerability protection (link to specific website page)
  • License compliance assurance and audit defense support
  • Interoperability, virtualization, and hybrid/cloud migration advisory services
  • No sunset support for your release version, no forced upgrades

We Go Beyond Support

Spinnaker Support is the lone third-party maintenance provider that also delivers managed services and consulting capabilities. More than one-third of our clients have leveraged our additional services to keep their applications running at peak performance. See all the ways we go beyond support

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