September 12, 2019 | Larry Goldman | Senior Director, Product Marketing

We are often asked, “What exactly is third-party support?” A simple definition is: the replacement of publisher-provided support by a company that is not the original software publisher. While true, it’s also insufficient, because what the questioner really wants to know are the specifics on the what, why, how, and (of course) the how much.

To best describe third-party Oracle Database support specifically, we have published an eBook that answers these questions, and more importantly, provides 10 customer profiles to demonstrate how we are supporting other organizations. Aptly titled “10 Organizations in 10 Industries Using Third-Party Oracle Database Support,” the eBook features a selection of Spinnaker Support customers who range from large to small, global to local, and in industries as different as energy, manufacturing, and higher education.

We support many on-premise and cloud Database Management Systems (DBMAs), including Oracle Database, SAP Sybase/ASE, and SAP HANA. More of these deployments are on-premise, which makes sense given that 75% of total worldwide DBMS revenue ($34.5 billion) continues to be from on-premise implementations, according to Gartner.Third-Party Oracle Database Support

The most popular DBMS in the world, Oracle Database, is also one of the most frequently inquired about, either for stand-alone support or in conjunction with other Oracle and SAP applications. Check out the eBook to find out why third-party Oracle Database support is for anyone seeking a more responsive, comprehensive, and affordable support solution.