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In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, keeping your mission-critical enterprise applications running at peak performance is crucial. If your system goes down for any reason – even for just a few minutes, your business can face substantial losses in productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.

At Spinnaker Support, we are the only third-party support provider offering comprehensive managed services solutions for Oracle and SAP customers. Spinnaker Support’s Managed Services maintain your infrastructure with rigid controls that enforce your corporate security policies all while improving agility, reducing cost, and reducing risk – allowing you to redirect your focus toward strategic business initiatives.

Managed Services by Spinnaker Support:

  • Manage, maintain, and continuously improve application and technology management.
  • Manage access rights, organizational and financial reporting structures, and system environments such as log files and tablespaces.
  • Tune performance, improve business processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness and implement best practices to avoid or overcome issues pertaining to interoperability, security, cloud migration, and risk management.
  • Support development for company or industry-specific needs including reports, dashboards, alerts, notifications, workflows, forms, flexfields, data structures, and business logic.
  • Choose contracted managed cloud services, or a combination of managed services bundled with our award-winning software support.

Based on need, clients can choose from the following managed services: Application support, Supplemental support, Technical Support and Development support options.

Application Managed Services

Spinnaker Support’s engineers are professionals with the knowledge and consultative skills necessary to perform activities in collaboration with your staff, filling gaps in team capabilities, allowing your internal subject matter experts to be redirected to priority initiatives, extending your overall breadth of capability.

Application support can include:

  • Service desk routing, management, and reporting
  • On-call application user help services
  • Business analysis and BPM issue support
  • Knowledge extension and mentoring services
  • Year-end updates for 1099 and W2 reporting
  • Long-term or medium-term staff augmentation
  • Staff backfill and after-hours support

Our application support services are tailored to specific customer requirements and strengthen your in-house team with additional knowledge and resources. Our experts learn your business in and out, becoming completely familiar with your processes, configurations, end-user traits, customizations, interfaces, and extensions.

Technical Managed Services

Our technical managed services are designed in a transformational model to extend and augment the technical support services performed by internal IT staff, delivering reliable and qualitative results. Spinnaker Support offers the following technical managed services in a well-defined service level agreement framework as either a scheduled or ad hoc service:

  • Application/user security maintenance
  • Architecture design/redesign
  • Data refreshes
  • DR and business continuance
  • Enhancement, service pack / tools installs
  • EP/ESUs/ASUs application
  • Knowledge transfer & mentoring
  • Object transfers
  • Package builds and deployments
  • Performance tuning/optimization
  • Printer/job queue maintenance
  • Process re-engineering / optimization
  • System and process documentation
  • System audits and monitoring
  • System/environment maintenance
  • Web server support

Focus on your business and let Spinnaker Support manage your IT infrastructure.

Development Managed Services

Outsourcing development can save money and reduce the risk associated with supporting your in-house IT staff. Development managed services is a way of accessing advanced technical skills and experience that drives business change without the need to continuously train your staff.

Spinnaker Support’s development team includes individuals with a wide variety of industry development experience for various enterprise platforms. Our development resources are capable of providing staff augmentation development services, both small or larger, and are tailored to meet cost-effective customer needs.

Differentiated from project-based enhancement, retrofit, or integration support, our team can fulfill partial-FTE development needs on a contracted basis. Spinnaker Support is straight-forward and flexible in developing solutions that are easily maintained and quickly scalable dependent on customer needs. We’ve been providing managed services alongside maintenance support for many years and can provide you with industry-derived best practice solutions.

Supplemental Maintenance Support Services

Our engineers also support our customers with Supplemental Maintenance Support Services. This set of cost-effective, personalized services allows you to continue using your software with confidence even after the vendor has ended support of the version you’re using.

Additionally, we can expand emerging technologies, increase internal expertise or just fill in gaps in staffing. Spinnaker Support is the only third-party provider dedicated to delivering comprehensive support solutions without regard to your version’s vendor-defined support status, allowing you the freedom to upgrade or implement cloud solutions on your own time.

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