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Customer Onboarding Services

Spinnaker Support has designed each phase of the third-party support onboarding process and its associated activities to support the continuous knowledge transfer of your practices, processes, culture, and technologies to our core team. The duration of each phase is based on customer and system complexity, as well as the scope of services to be delivered. Our onboarding phases focus on:

Clear roles and responsibilities – We collaborate with you to identify crucial roles, responsibilities, communication protocols, and resources, including task owners, approvers, contributors, and others who need to be informed. You will know who is responsible for each onboarding activity.

Project management – Using our proven, ISO 9001:2015-governed processes, we communicate with you about needed action steps, predictable timetables, task owners, and progress for a seamless transfer to Spinnaker Support. You know what will happen, when, and by whom.

Knowledge transfer – Using our proven approach, we gain detailed knowledge of your environment during onboarding, including customizations, previous support issues, relevant business processes, and key individuals. As a result, our expert staff delivers tailored, effective support during live operations from the first call to final resolution.

Sample Onboarding Project Plan

Sample Onboarding Project Plan

Onboarding Process Features

In addition to establishing clear onboarding roles and responsibilities, becoming deeply familiar with your systems and staff and applying a proven roadmap to succeed in your transition, Spinnaker Support provides these expert services during onboarding:

Software Update Archiving – The archiving process should never inhibit the transition to third-party support. Spinnaker Support has performed archiving services for hundreds of customers, from small to very large organizations spanning virtually every industry segment.

Our dedicated archiving team creates a searchable archive of licensed, uninstalled upgrades, patches, and related materials in case you wish to deploy them in the future while protecting the software publisher’s intellectual property rights.

Global Tax and Regulatory Compliance Management – Our GTRC team verifies global tax and regulatory compliance management needs and works directly with you to schedule and implement changes.

Download the Onboarding and Archiving Brochures

Learn more about Spinnaker Support’s new client onboarding services and our Smart Transition Methodology as well as our ISO:9001-certified Archiving services in these informative brochures.

Onboarding Brochure
Archiving Brochure – Oracle
Archiving Brochure – SAP

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