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Modernize your IT Infrastructure with Virtualization Support

As part of our standard support and managed services agreements, Spinnaker Support’s diverse team of technology experts provide impartial advice on implementing the right virtualization solution to simultaneously meet your business goals and your IT requirements. Virtualizing your computing environment and network brings many benefits, including:

  • Reduction in costs by better maintaining your infrastructure, minimizing downtime, increasing productivity and eliminating unnecessary hardware costs
  • Easily add, delete or modify server resources as capacity and performance needs change
  • Improved backup and disaster recovery environments
  • Improved testing and development environments that are scalable
  • Provides an easier route to cloud migration

Organizations move to virtualization as a way to capitalize on server utilization and to diminish the number of systems that must be supported and managed – thus maximizing the return on overall system infrastructure investment. It can increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings. Virtualization software pools server computing resources and then allocates them efficiently between virtual machines for improved performance, reliability, and operational mobility. Virtualization software configures and separates physical infrastructures to create multiple dedicated resources.

Nearly 1,000 Spinnaker Support clients spanning over 100 countries appreciate our comprehensive, responsive full stack Oracle and SAP support as they journey from on premise to hybrid to cloud. Our best-in-class software technology engineers are helping clients better respond to ever-changing and dynamic IT environments. As part of Spinnaker Support’s standard support contract, we encourage our clients to log virtualization-related concerns. Our team of experts collaborates with your internal IT staff to troubleshoot and resolve issues concerning enterprise applications, the API layer, and any surrounding third-party applications or interfaces. Whether resolving critical issues or providing advice, Spinnaker Support considers all aspects of the application stack, including all customizations and interfaces. Our technology experts become an extension of your team of IT professionals, partnering together to resolve and successfully deploy your virtualization strategy – while keeping your application environment interoperable and secure.

Case Study: Virtualized Datacenter

A current large manufacturing client contacted Spinnaker Support for strategic advice regarding a planned operating system upgrade and migration away from IBM. Based on our recommendations and hands-on assistance, the client shifted part of a business process to a Windows server, resolving an iSeries / application incompatibility issue. Since the client was no longer under Oracle Support, they did not have access to an operating system patch. The patch was not available at the time of archiving; however, Spinnaker Support was able to troubleshoot and research alternative solutions and recommended hosting multiple data centers housed on the same physical hardware. The recommended virtualization solution was quickly validated and implemented by our client.

Case Study: Simplified IT Virtualization

An international communications company sought to roll out the latest browsers on new laptops; however, their Oracle applications were incompatible with the newest browser versions. A team of Spinnaker Support technology stack experts reviewed the requirements and designed a hybrid solution; utilizing a virtualized system and remotely accessing systems to run an older Windows version on the latest browser. With minimal training and development effort, the client quickly met IT’s requirement of issuing new laptops on the latest browsers and the business’s requirement to run the applications via remote and virtualized technology.

So Much More than Virtualization Strategy and Consulting

Spinnaker Support is a world leader in third-party Oracle and SAP support, delivering best-in-class service for considerable savings on annual support fees. Our comprehensive standard third-party support offering includes extensive technology services that help ensure the longer-term performance of the clients’ business-critical software applications. These value-add services include application and technology full stack support spanning virtualization, interoperability, cloud Integration and migration, security and vulnerability, and Global Tax, Regulatory, and Compliance Support (GTRC).

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