Extend the Life of Your ATG Web Commerce and Endeca Applications – and Realize Significant Savings

Spinnaker Support provides a unique blend of third-party support, managed services, and consulting for ATG Web Commerce and Endeca applications, which were combined in 2012 to form Oracle Commerce. Our services relieve the pressure of Oracle’s forced upgrade and cloud migration strategy, allowing you to run your current versions for as long as you require.

Spinnaker Support maintains a wide range of Oracle enterprise and infrastructure applications. We can support your ATG Web Commerce and Endeca footprint stand-alone or in combination with our support of other applications, such as Oracle Database and Middleware, Siebel CRM, E-Business Suite, SAP, etc.

Challenges faced by Oracle customers

Many organizations are still reaping great value from their ATG Commerce and Endeca solutions. They leverage ATG Web Commerce to deliver a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience across the Internet, contact center, mobile devices, social media, brick-and-mortar stores, and other customer touch points. Endeca’s tools are used for page management and layout, content placement and dynamic delivery of content and personalization to the customer.

With Oracle’s aggressive push to cloud commerce, their customers have grown concerned with Oracle’s longer-term commitment to enhance and support current on-premise ATG Commerce and Endeca applications. Many have seen that Oracle’s level of support has diminished, yet maintenance fees have kept rising. Organizations are increasingly turning to third-party support services providers like Spinnaker Support.

Cut the Cord from Oracle-Provided Support

“Cutting the cord” has become common in our personal lives for cable and phone technology. A similar transformation is now occurring in the world of Oracle enterprise software support.

This new paper, explores the advantages of switching, when it is appropriate, and how Oracle will try to dissuade you from doing so, even when it isn’t in your best interest to stay with Oracle-provided support.

Cut the Cord from Oracle-Provided Support

Spinnaker Support Solutions

Third-party support is a direct replacement of vendor support by a company that is not the original software publisher. In relation to Oracle, Spinnaker Support is always at least half the cost, extends the life of your stable, on-premise system, and typically provides more services through an assigned team of experts. Our standard model features highly responsive break-fix support, full customization and interface support, Seven-Point security and vulnerability protection, general inquiry support, and a range of valuable technology services.

Managed Services & Consulting

Spinnaker Support is the only third-party support provider that also delivers comprehensive managed services solutions and consulting for Oracle ATG Commerce / Endeca applications and surrounding technologies.

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, keeping your mission-critical enterprise applications running at peak performance is crucial. If your system goes down for any reason – even for just a few minutes, your business can face substantial losses in productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Our Oracle experts help customers continuously improve their application and technology infrastructure with a range of application and technical managed services.

Spinnaker Support also provides project-based Oracle ATG Commerce and Endeca consulting services, including strategy development, current platform configuration, benchmarking, upgrade support, and staff augmentation.

What We Support

ATG Commerce

ATG Web Commerce
WebCenter Sites for Oracle ATG Web Commerce
ATG Web Commerce Merchandising
ATG Web Commerce Service Center
ATG Web Commerce Commerce Search

ATG Developer and Administrator

ATG Web Commerce Developer and Administrator

ATG Knowledge Manager

ATG Web Knowledge Manager
ATG Web Knowledge Manager Self-Service

Endeca Search

Endeca Guided Search
Endeca Experience Manager

Endeca Search Add-Ons

Endeca Relationship Discovery

Endeca Developer and Administrator

Endeca Developer

5 Moments That Define Your Spinnaker Support Experience:


The moment you realize we already have intimate knowledge of your account—and won’t push you to an inexperienced junior resource


The moment all the Oracle support services that were slowly stripped away reappear


The moment you realize that we consistently provide better service at a lower price point


The moment you assign newly liberated resources to work on other strategic priorities


The first moment all of your tickets—new and pre-existing—have been closed out